Friday, February 5, 2016

Thanks, Jamie Forshey ( Edutech for Teachers ) for this lovely infographic.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Caucuses: 15 Resources, Lesson Plans and Videos

Just last night, the 2016 Iowa Caucus took place. This is the first step of many in the election process and the road to the presidency. Do your students understand what a caucus is? I'm sure you will find something below to use in your classroom.

How Do Caucuses Work?

How the Iowa Caucuses Work: A Confusing Election Process Explained

Iowa Caucus Results: 6 Things That Explain How it All Happened- from NPR

Caucus 101: Official Iowa Caucus Education Curriculum

Election 2016: Understanding Primaries and Caucuses- from NY Time Learning Network

How a President Gets Elected- Teachervision

Lesson Idea: Primaries and Caucuses- from C-Span; includes printable worksheet

Lessons for Teaching About the Presidential Primaries- Education World

Primaries and Caucuses- lessons from Brain Pop

What are Primaries and Caucuses?- from PBS News Hour

Getting the Nomination- video from PBS Learning Media

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Resume Tips for High School Students

Writing a resume can be a daunting experience for high school students. Last week a student printed her resume in the library, and as I glanced quickly at it when removing it from the printer noticed how poorly it looked. I decided to create a small list which would assist my students.

Free Resume Samples for High School Students- different types, including babysitting, fast food, lawn care, teenager CV, student tutor, grocery store, waitress/waiter, volunteer position, warehouse, welder helper.Also gives advice about what to include in your resume.

Resume: High School Academic

Resume Builder- step-by-step help creating a resume

Resumes- Pinterest board


How to Create Your Resume- tips from The College Board

How to Make a Resume for a High School Student with No Experience

Sample Resume for High School Students- from the Massachusetts Department of Education

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Your Huge Holiday Listing is.....

..located on the right side of this blog! From September to June, this awesome listing includes loads of resources, lesson plans,  and worksheets.
Just look for this image and then bookmark the page!
Here's what's coming up in February:


20 Great Websites to E-Learn About Black History

47 English and Social Studies Guides for Black History Month- from Shmoop

African Voices- Africans talk about their lives and cultures; EXCELLENT SITE from the Smithsonian Institution.

African-American History Month- site hosted by the Library of Congress, there is a section for teachers

The African-American Mosaic- from the Library of Congress

African-American Scavenger Hunt- grades 7-8

The African-American Migration Experience- contains 8,300 images, 17,000 pages of texts and over 60 maps; this site is hosted by the New York Public Library.

African-American World-from PBS, this site has highlights such as the Kids section (with games and e-cards), and the Brainteaser Quizzes. There are related lessons plans for grades three through twelve.

Black Baseball-from Sports Illustrated, this site has a timeline from 1861-1947, when Jackie Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award.

Black History- from; videos and photos

Black History Month Rap- lesson plan for students to create their own rap song; grades 3-12

Books on Black History Month- paperback or Kindle edition; over 5,000 listed

BrainPOP Spotlight: Black History Month- for grade 4 and up; lesson plans, quiz

Culture and Change:Black History in America- Scholastic's site has a timeline, jazz audio clips, and information on famous African Americans.

Enchanted Learning-find out information on African-American women in history, biographies on African-Americans, African-American inventors and inventions and many printable worksheets.

Encyclopedia Britannica's Guide to Black History Month- timeline, articles, biographies, images and videos

Fact Monster- biography, timeline, quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.

The History Channel-you will find African-American icons, great speeches, maps, video clips and more on this site.

Infoplease- loads of information here, including history and timelines, contemporary issues, special features, holidays, education, awards and quizzes and crosswords.

The King Center- established in 1968, the center was named for Martin Luther King Jr., a leader in the largest nonviolent movement in American history.

A Legacy of Black Talent- from CNN Interactive; honors a different person each day of the month

Lesson Plans Page Black History Month- lesson plans cover grades 4-12

MLK Online- this site is all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from his biography, to multimedia clips of his speeches.

Reading Rockets- Black children's authors, activities, events and much more here

Snag Films- documentaries

TeachersFirst's Resources for Black History- currently 58 lessons by grade level listed

TIME for Kids

GROUNDHOG DAY (February 2)
Crafts, Worksheets and Printable Books- from Enchanted Learning

DLTK's Crafts for Kids- lots of handouts for younger kids

Groundhog Day Activities- Pinterest board has a lot to choose from, including handouts, worksheets, posters, games, crafts

Groundhog Day Activities and Games- from Apples4theTeacher; nice listing

Groundhog Day Activities, Lesson Plans, Activities and Teaching Resources- from a to Z Teacher Stuff

Groundhog Day for the Classroom- NEA has a long list containing lesson plans, games, activities, resources

Groundhog Day Lesson Plans and Resources- from Edutopia

Groundhog Day Teacher Resources- TeacherVision's site has videos, printables, quizzes Yes, there is a site just about Groundhog Day! The activities here are for elementary school teachers, and include a groundhog newsletter and club.

ReadWriteThink- great lesson for grades K-6; includes links to other related sites and lessons for specific grades

The Teachers Corner- lots here: worksheets, resources, activities

Will He See His Shadow? Groundhog Day Activities- from Scholastic

VALENTINE'S DAY (February 14)

Abraham Lincoln Videos- from

Abraham Lincoln: Learning Games and Activities For Kids

Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads- interact with Lincoln

Activities, Worksheets and Crafts For Presidents' Day
- from Enchanted Learning

American Presidents- life portraits

Biography: Abraham Lincoln- full episode from

The Cherry Tree- from Apples4theTeacher; story about Washington and the cherry tree


Educational Videos on Presidents' Day- from WatchKnowLearn


George Washington- has videos, photos

George Washington Interactive- from the Smithsonian

George Washington PowerPoint Presentations

Happy Birthday Mr. President- online story for young children

Inside the White House- from National Geographic

A Kid's Heart-puzzles and games are here

Abraham Lincoln: The Life of a Legend

Thursday, January 21, 2016

21 Sites for Creative Writing in the Classroom

Our students today have so many great resources at their hands: apps, websites, online templates. When it comes to writing, teachers are able to tap into these resources to get students more interested in the prospect of having to do schoolwork. Below are the links to those resources. This post will be added to the Language Arts page on the left of my blog.

25 Creative Writing Prompts- from Writing Forward

698 Free Worksheets- each sheet is marked as PR, IN, ADV for your grade level; ESL teachers can use these as well

The Best Places to Read and Write "Choose Your Own Adventure" Stories- terrific listing from Larry Ferlazzo

Boomwriter- Sections include StoryWriter, ProjectWriter, and WordWriter

Classroom Writing Ideas- Pinterest board covers writing and picture prompts, worksheets for younger students

Creative Writing Worksheets- for younger grades

Collaborize Classroom- free collaborative education forum

Creative Writing Ideas/Lesson Plans- Pinterest board

Creative Writing Lesson Plans- @Web English Teacher

Creative Writing Lesson Plans- from Scholastic; K-12 covered

Creative Writing Teacher Resources- from Teachervision; by grade level

Developing a Fictional Narrative- from Education World

ESL Creative Writing Prompts- nice listing

Fakebook- students set up a fake Facebook page

Lino- free sticky and canvas service; works on computer, Android and iPad/iPhone

Picture This! Building Photo-Based Writing Skills- lesson from the NY Times Learning Network

Quill- many interactive writing lessons with quizzes already made for the teacher; includes Quill Proofreader, Quill Grammar, and Quill Writer.

ReadWriteThink- lesson plans for English-Language Learners for K-12

Skills Practice:Writing Effective Openings- from the NY Times

TeAchnology Writing Lesson Plans

Visual Writing Prompts- sections for grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12

Monday, January 11, 2016

My Favorite App is.....

...CamScanner. I've talked about this app before, but because it is so helpful and versatile, I wanted to update my post. CamScanner is available in a free version for Mac, Android, and Windows. If you prefer an ad-free version, CamScanner Pro will also allow more cloud storage. At $4.99, it is worth this small fee. Here are the links for the pro versions: Mac, Android. (currently only $1.99!) I was unable to locate a pro version for Windows phones. iPad users can also download the free or pro app.

So, allow me to explain why this is such an awesome app. Do you need to share several pages with someone and they need them right away? You're not near a scanner or copier. (Some copiers can scan to email) What's a person to do?  Here are some of the things that CamScanner can offer you, as per (My additions are in BLUE.)

  • Access, edit and manage documents anytime and anywhere as you need. 
  • CamScanner enables quick search in seconds.
  • Add notes to any documents
  • Add tag to any document for easy search
  • Multiple viewing modes: list view and thumbnail view
  • Copy and move documents to other locations
  • Easily search for any document by OCR tech- OCR stands for optical character recognition.
  • Merge documents content- you can send it as a pdf or jpeg file
  • Set passwords for important documents
  • Backup and restore documents to/from SD card
  • Easily share document scans in PDF or JPG to collaborators via email. Or you can save them in the cloud, fax and print out those documents. Your 5-page document is now 1 pdf!
  • Fax scans via network
  • Send PDF files via email
  • Print files wirelessly with Google Cloud Print
  • Upload files to cloud storages
  • Free upgrade to Full version for educational users! (download on site )


VIDEO TUTORIALS (for visual learners like me)

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

26 Resources for Teaching About Climate Change

Believe it or not, there are still people who are in denial about global warming. December 2015 in New Jersey was incredibly warm compared to other years. Every summer seems to be hotter and hotter.  The National Resources Defense Council has a webpage which covers climate changes, global warming, protecting public lands and so much more. Below are resources and lesson plans for teaching about climate change. I will add this list to the Science tab on the left side of this blog.


Advancing Emissions- this is an interactive timeline which shows 40 years of greenhouse emissions.

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program- facts on global warming; student page has information and resources

Breathing Earth- climate changes are represented for each country, including population, birth and death rates.

Climate Kids- NASA's site for younger kids; includes games and videos for the classroom

Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

Countdown to Copenhagen- timeline covers 40 years of climate changes; from The Wall Street Journal.

Everything You Need to Know About the Paris Climate Summit and UN Talks

Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet- NASA's site covers climate headlines, climate news

NASA's Ozone Watch Page

Paris Climate Change Summit 2015

TIME Interactive- Timelapse is powered by Google, and you will notice various changes in the cities, shorelines; covers about 30 years

United States Environmental Protection Agency- extensive sources on climate change; site can be viewed in Spanish.

5 Ways to Teach Children About Climate Change-from ECOWatch

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program- fun activities including dot-to-dots, crossword puzzles, mazes, word seeks and coloring.

Climate Change Live- lesson plans for K-12

Climate Change Questions for Young Citizen Scientists- from the NY Times Learning Network

Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)- divided by grade level and subject area

Global Climate Change- lesson plans (PDF format) for educators fro the EPA

Record Snowfalls and Cold Raise Questions of Climate Change- PBS Video

Sea Level Rise: Climate Change- for grades 4-6; from The National Park Service

Years of Living Dangerously- for middle and school


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