Saturday, April 12, 2014

RPHS is Happy: Meet the Wonderful Kids and Colleagues I Work With Every Day!

My colleague Sasha and her journalism class put together our version of "Happy".  I'm sure you have seen many versions, but I wanted to you meet the people I am with every day Monday-Friday. We are happy folks, especially since spring is finally here in New Jersey!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday #9

I just love digging up old library photos, videos and posters. So much has changed over the decades in library science. Today's throwback has a classroom photo with the exact desks I had in elementary school at P.S. 98 in Manhattan. (Oops. Just gave away my age...)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

38 Great Sites For Earth Day

This year, Earth Day falls on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. The following list has been updated and can also be found with the mega-list on holidays, "What a Listing!" which is located in the right column of this blog.

10 Engaging Earth Day Activities for Kids- from Help Teaching Blog

22 Interactive Lessons to Bring Earth Day to Life- PBS LearningMedia

50 Earth Day Activities for Kids- from Tinkerlab

A to Z Teacher Stuff Resources

Billy Bear's Playground

Crafts for Earth Day

Earth Day-crafts, online games, clip art, puzzles, coloring pages and downloads are on this site.

Earth Day Activities: Helping the Environment- from apples4theteacher

Earth Day Activities for the Classroom- ten choices from Education World

Earth Day and All Days: 10 Ways to Learn About the Environment- from the NY Times Learning Network

Earth Day Groceries Project

Earth Day Ideas From My School to Yours- Huffington Post blogger and fourth grade teacher Ted Wells

The Earth Day Network

Earth Day Printables- from Play2Learn printables

Earth Day Teacher Resources- large listing of printables, lesson plans, activities, resources from TeacherVision

Earth Day Through the Years- from the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Earth Day Video Writing Prompts- from TeachHub

Earth Day Videos- WatchKnow

Earth's Birthday Project- activities, fun stuff, photos

Every Day is Earth Day- for younger children or ESL students

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book- download this 11 page booklet

History Channel- Earth Day resources

Planet Pals- clip art, magazines, earth poetry, eco books....

Population Education-lessons show how humans affect the environment; resource packets for all grade levels

The Science Spot- lesson plans and resources

Teacher Planet- lesson plans, worksheets, activities, clip art, videos, more

Think Green Guide- download PDF from Edutopia

Top 5 Earth Day 
Activities to Use in the Classroom

Using Google Earth on Earth Day- make sure the program is on your school computers!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Self-Promotion is a Good Thing

There is nothing wrong with self-promotion. In fact, as a school librarian, it is necessary to let your administrators know what you do, because the majority of them do not know what we do. Here are some infographics, signs and videos for your reports, webpage or blog.


School Librarians are the Heart of the School

I saw this on Joyce Valenza's blog, The Neverending Search. Make sure your administration see it. I am adding it to the Teacher-Librarians page.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Updated: 38 Jobs for Kids Ages 12-17

April begins today, and before you know it, students will be thinking of summer vacation and how they can earn money. The current job market is tough for teenagers, but with a little effort on their part, they can do something interesting. Here is my updated list. Download a copy HERE if you are interested.

1. Advertise on Fiverr ( ) where someone could pay $5.00 and up for a service of yours

2. Assisting a senior citizen with their chores at home or away from home

3. Babysitting

4. Being a clown, magician or other entertainment at a kid’s birthday party

5. Bicycle repair

6. Camp counselor or counselor in training at a day camp or sleep away camp

7. Create anime or cartoon books to sell

8. Dog walker

9. Dog washer

10. Fixing computer problems

11. Having a bake sale

12. House cleaning

13. Lifeguard

14. Messenger service

15. Modeling

16. Mowing lawns/raking leaves

17. Music teacher

18. Newspaper delivery

19.  Office help: filing, sorting, organizing

20.  Paint faces at a craft market street fair

21. Pet sitting

22.  Photograph a kid’s birthday party

23. Planting flowers

24. Put flyers on cars

25. Restoring old photos

26. Running errands for people

27. Shoveling snow

28. Selling bottles water at a Little League game, race or marathon

29. Selling hand-made stuff on Etsy (

30. Selling lemonade or iced tea

31. Starting an online business: Bizinate (

32. Taking an online survey and getting paid cash ( )

33. Translating documents etc. (You must be fluent in that language)

34. Tutoring young kids

35. Washing cars

36. Washing windows

37. Working for a church or other group as a pianist

38. Writing an article for Ezine  ( )
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